Check Valves

To avoid back flow of Fluid / Gas or any application, Check valves ( Non Return valves ) are used ,Check valves have complete range consider for Low temperature range to High Temperature also to increase life of valves hard surface ( Disc and Seat ) are provided. Main advantage of our check valves are they have full opening, so there is not pressure loss

Casted Check Valves

Full opening is provided in order to avoid loses in flow & Pressure. Primary and Secondary sealing provided for higher class Valves

Forge Check Valves

Backseat arrangement provided for the replacement of Packing or maintenance of the Valves without removing valves from pipeline

Wafer Check Valves

Wafer type Check valves Available in All Material and Design too such as Wafer type, Sandwich Type ( Disc Check valves ) , Dual Plate Check valves

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Flange End

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